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Kusan Hats, Earmuffs & Accessories

The unique style of KuSan accessories comes from the brand’s fusion of skate and ski styles with traditional Nepalese knitted woollen clothing. It’s a truly global brand which sources wool from New Zealand, have their products hand-made in Nepal and work out of offices in London.

KuSan has widened their range from exclusively selling hats to producing a number of accessories in their trademark colourful knitted style. At tReds, we proudly stock a selection of KuSan’s inimitable hats as well as other creations. These quality-made, quirky designs look as great on the ski slopes as they do on the high street.

Add a cosy KuSan hat to your trolley and start feeling the benefits almost straight away. Fleece lined and made with 100% wool, KuSan accessories keep you feeling toasty and looking great.

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This great, ethical brand is dedicated as much to style as they are too good causes such as MADE-BY – the label for fashion companies who promote transparency about social, economic and ecological conditions through the whole supply chain.

2017 sees the brand reach it’s 17th year in existence, in this time it has grown from a niche skater label to being popular in a variety of communities. You’ll see why when you feel the comfort and warmth of their woolly creations.