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Established in 1933 by French tennis player Rene Lacoste, the brand represented by the famous crocodile logo has become synonymous with style, quality and integrity. Lacoste shoes come in a wide range of styles from the muted to the bold.

As well as trainers in a variety of fabrics for men and women, we have more formal shoes and boots for a variety of occasions. No matter what design you go for, with Lacoste you will be choosing quality.

Whether you are looking for pumps, sandals, trainers or shoes you will find the style to suit your personality in this range.

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Lacoste clothing, Lacoste deviation trainers, Lacoste shoes UK or Lacoste boots UK… you surely heard about Lacoste and even had at least one product from it. However, how many things do you know about Lacoste? It is a retail clothing store that is very well-known and also a leader in preppy brands. 

But there's more behind Lacoste than the clothing, footwear, and accessories it sells. Let's see some interesting facts about this brand that is represented by the green crocodile featured on all Lacoste items.

You can find your favorite products at the Lacoste sale UK on tReds. It contains various products, including Lacoste shoes sale UK and Lacoste boots sale. 

The products that you can purchase at an amazing price are from women, men, and kid categories. Whether you want a classic pair of white shoes or, on the contrary, a pair of red Lacoste shoes, you will find it in this category of sales.

Interesting facts about Lacoste

1. Lacoste was founded in 1933, in France, by tennis player Rene Lacoste, and businessman Andre Gillier.

2. In the beginning, the business was called La Chemise Lacoste, but later it was shortened to Lacoste.

3. It is said that Rene Lacoste was given the nickname 'the crocodile' because of his perseverance and determination on the tennis pitch.

4. Another supposition is that he got his nickname after he made a wager that involved him potentially receiving a crocodile-skin suitcase if he won a particular tennis match against the Americans.

5. In 1929, before the official establishment of the company, Lacoste created a tennis shirt for his own personal use. Later, this included the famous crocodile logo that is now representative for the company.

6. Since the early 2000s, customers at Lacoste have been able to find perfumes, watches, sunglasses, and shoes alongside polo shirts.

7. Rene Lacoste and others claimed that the tennis shirt was the very first clothing item to feature a logo on the outside. However, there are fashion experts who claim that the Jantzen Girl logo was seen on swimwear eight years earlier.

8. After the establishment of the brand, tennis shirts weren't the only ones sold, but there were also golf shirts, sailing shirts, and another casual sports clothing sold.

9. Initially, the shirts were sold in a catalog that the two founders created.

10. For almost 30 years after the establishment of the company, it only manufactured white shirts. By 1951, customers started to find various colors of the same shirt wearing the crocodile logo. The variety of colors was used in order to appeal to a more upper-class market.