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New Era Caps are awesome! The unique designs stay fresh and we're proud to be a stockist of some of the best baseball caps on the planet. If you buy one of these items online they will arrive in a New Era presentation box!

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New Era

New Era, arguably the most recognisable headwear brand, has been operating since 1920, when it was founded by Ehrhardt Koch. It's a family-owned company and has been for four generations. 

Ehrhardt had been working for John Miller Cap company for 18 years. After seeing an opportunity to take his skills to the next level, he borrowed $1000 to start New Era Cap Co. They began by producing 60,000 Gatsby-style fashion caps per year. 

In the 1930's the brand truly developed in to the company we know today. In 1932 Ehrhardt's only child, Harold, joined the business. After seeing the demand for the fashion cap fading and professional baseball's popularity growing, he launched a new product in to the marketplace, the baseball cap. This was first produced for the Cleveland Indians' uniform in 1934. 

During World War II, in the 1940's, New Era had to be resourceful in times of hardship. Through a variety of means, they obtained uncoloured fabrics, dyeing them in their home washing machine. It was also during this period that their elastic backed, adjustable caps made their debut.

By the 1950's, New Era was the only independent cap maker, supplying caps to big league baseball teams. In 1954, after the death of Ehrhardt the previous year, Harold redesigned the fitted cap, modernising the look. This was when the iconic 59FIFTY fitted cap was born. 

During the 1960's New Era opened a manufacturing facility in Derby, New York. This was where they exclusively produced the 59FIFTY cap. It was also during this time, that they were given the opportunity to sell to all major and minor league baseball teams. 

By 1974, 20 out of 24 Major League Baseball teams were signed with New Era. Harold became the CEO of the company and his Son David, the president. Davids son Chris then joined the company.

The 1980's was a period of constant growth for New Era. They branched out in to different headwear for other sports, such as tennis and golf and even filled orders for the military. It was also during this time, that Harold passed away. David vowed to commit to the companies legacy of innovation. 

During the 1990's New Era struck a deal that shaped and ensured the future of the company. New Era became the exclusive supplier of on-field caps for the MLB. They also gained fame outside the sporting world, when filmmaker Spike Lee requested a custom red New York Yankees cap. Spike then went on to direct their first ever commercial in 1997. 

during the 2000's New Era opened offices in Europe, Japan and Australia. Chris was named the CEO, shortly before the passing of David, the previous CEO. They also moved their offices back to where it all began, Buffalo. 

During the 2010's, New Era gained exclusive rights to on-field headwear for the NFL. 

Today, New Era is arguably the most popular and iconic headwear brand. It is sold all over the world, worn by some of the biggest celebrities and collaborates with some of fashions highest regarded brands, such as Moncler, Fear Of God and Supreme.