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Original Geek is a new menswear label that has evolved from urban club culture. Daring prints and bold graphics make this a truly distinctive brand. When the Original Geek brand was launched it was fronted by Louise Cliffe, British singer, writer, actress and model. Cliffe was the fourth runner up in Big Brother series which ended in November 2011. It was here she was given the nickname Wonder Women by actress Pamela Anderson.

The brand was launched with the outlook to introduce a different and unique brand that oozed ‘cool girls’ and ‘geek glasses’ this design is used throughout the whole of their clothing range. Original Geek Clothing clearly shows that the brand strives to be different than other mainstream clothing brands in the market, and does not believe in commercialism. The clothes have unique logos and styles which stand out even from afar, and give you a very interesting and fashionable look. The clothes take on a modern geek spin on classic pieces such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jumpers and give them a new flair.

All of the clothes made by Original Geek are made with the highest of quality fabrics. Quality is the prime concern from this brand as they want to promote their products for constant use without deterioration or fading. Original Geek has a strong commitment to using only the best fabric for their clothes, yet their clothes are reasonably priced and affordable for all.