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Timberland was created in America during the 1950s, although it wasn’t until the 60s and 70s that they really broke onto the footwear scene with their first guaranteed waterproof boot that has since become their staple product. Since then they have grown from strength to strength and are now one of the most famous footwear brands in the world.

Although Timberland is known for its boots, they actually make a wide range of different styles of shoe, including boat shoes and plimsolls for men, women and children. Available in a wide variety of designs, styles and colours, they really do have footwear for just about any occasion and to suit anyone’s taste.

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Timberland is an iconic name in the footwear industry. However, the brand is quite young, as it wasn't even thought of it until the 1970s. Yet the brand quickly gained popularity and fame, so nowadays Timberland boots UK are a staple and they are available in a variety of designs, colors, and fits. Therefore, you can now easily find black and white Timberlands, red Timberlands, khaki Timberlands, grey and white Timberlands, beige Timberlands, rose gold Timberlands, and many other colors.

Even if you love Timberland boots, and maybe you even think you know everything about your favorite brand, there are always a few facts that you might have missed until now. 

So, this it the right time for you to learn some interesting facts about Timberland.

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Interesting facts about Timberland

1. In '03 Bonnie & Clyde' video, Beyonce wore 'Timbs', but they weren't Timberlands, as many might think. They were actually Manolo Blahnik Timbs, which has nothing to do with the actual Timberland brand.

2. Black people call the Timberland classics 'Butters'. Another nickname that people gave to Timberland boots is 'construction boots'.

3. The real name of the boots that black people call 'Butters' is 'Classic 6-inch'.

4. The iconic 'Classic 6-inch' boots were made by accident. Original designer Sidney Swartz created this model out of necessity. Before these boots, there hadn't existed any waterproof boots. The designer tried to be original, so his ingenuity was born out of necessity. He created these boots for hard working New Englanders who need a warm, waterproof boot to wear during the entire day.

5. Collaboration with Pharrell. In spring 2013, singer Pharrell Williams collaborated with Timberland to create his Bee Line Billionaire Boys Club Classic 6-inch. Boots in this collection were available in olive and army colors.

6. 'Butters' sold triple due to rappers. In the '90s, rappers helped put Timberland on the fashion map. Actually, MCs like DMX, Jay Z, and the Notorious B.I.G. helped triple Timberland's sales, through musical endorsements.

7. In the 1990s, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas created outerwear-hiking boots that were meant to compete with Timberland's Classic 6-inch. However, none of them actually succeeded.

8. Timberland has more successful fashion lines than just shoes. Although a shoe-focused company is expected to have a tough time if trying to venture into apparel, for Timberland this is not a problem. It actually has lines that have been increasingly strong and it is expected that their collections come with versatile designs that transition seamlessly from the city to the outdoors, such as slim-tailored jackets, booties, ballet flats, and weather-ready coats and boots.

9. In 2010, Timberland vowed to plant five million trees in Haiti within five years and the company makes it a point to use recycled and renewable materials in their footwear.

10. Timberland donated Classic 6-inches to 9/11 rescue workers. After the terrorists' attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, many of the rescue workers' shoes melted. Timberland provided boots to the hundreds of workers helping.

11. Some of the Timberland boots can be customized to create your own look in a variety of styles.

12. In the early 1970s, the Classic 6-inch was left in a toilet to ensure the boot would be 100% waterproof.

13. Beyonce and Jay Z reached out to Timberland to get specially-made boots for their daughter.

14. In 2007, Timberland launched the Timberland Green Index, which shows customers the impact that their shoes have on the environment. 

15. Before being on the internet, Timberland Classics sold one million pairs by 1985. How did they do that? Simply, by making a really good product.