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UGG Boots, Sandals & Slippers for Women & Kids

If you are looking for comfortable footwear, then you’ve found them. Perfect for both summer and winter, UGG offers a range of footwear that will keep your feet looking chic and on-trend, no matter the time of year. The UGG Classic Short and the Classic Tall are one of the most popular styles that we stock.

A firm favourite among the fashion elite, the sheepskin boots keep your skin warm or cool depending on the season, making UGG Boots a versatile, all year round, footwear option. UGG Boots use quality twin-faced sheepskin with high-quality stitching, ensuring a cosy, comfortable fit every time.

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UGG Boots

UGG is more than just a brand producing renowned boots. You can find a variety of products on the market, including UGG sandals, UGG boots, mini UGG boots, and UGG flip flop slippers. Everyone heard about the UGGs and many are looking for a UGG sale UK, so they can find cheap UGG boots UK or cheap UGG slippers. But although everyone knows the brand, not many really know many things about UGG. Hence, here we show you some interesting facts about your favorite brand.

UGG boots UK are known as soft boots made of the sheepskin. UGG boots are easily identified, due to their classic silhouette and bold colors. They are also very comfortable and functional. However, nowadays there are more products than just the famous boots. You will find UGG slippers UK, UGG shoes UK, and UGG sandals UK, to complete your collection with footwear created by your favorite brand.

Now that you know these facts about your favorite brand, you can purchase your favorite products at the Ugg boots UK sale at tReds.

Interesting facts about UGG

1. Ugg boots are closely associated with cold weather, yet their story began on a beach in Southern California. In 1978, Brian Smith arrived in California, having with him a bunch of sheepskin boots that he began selling under the branded name UGG. By the mid-1980s, every surf shop along the coast would sell UGG boots.

2. The brand became a favorite for active people. Ugg boots were worn by people who embraced sports and who knew how to relax.

3. The UGG boots were authored by the Australian shepherds. They created the boots with a soft sole and they used them for agricultural works. The porous chamois covered the Ugg's outside and there was sheepskin inside the boots. Due to this construction, it wasn't too cold or too hot in the boots. Even more, the boots ideally adapted to the temperature environment. However, although the boots were high-quality, their appearance wasn't evaluated as high as the quality. This is why they got the name 'Ugly boots', which eventually was shortened to the well-known name Uggs.

4. However, the workers of Australia weren't the only ones to wear the uggs. The aviators in the two world wars also wore them to prevent their feet from freezing under conditions of high altitude. It was later when sheepskin boots have acquired popularity amongst the skiers and windsurfers. More recently, uggs were brought into wide consumption by windsurfer Bryan Smith, who had imported them in the USA for once. He had founded the company named Ugg Holdings Inc and he registered the brand UGG.

5. Although Bryan Smith is recognized for borrowing deeply the idea of warm boot selling, he was not the first one to do this. Before him, surfer Shane Stedman had registered in Australia the trademark Ugh boots seven years before Bryan Smith got the uggs to the USA. Shane has developed the construction of the sheepskin boots as we know it today.

6. Deckers Outdoor Corporation, today's owner of the Ugg, manufactures far beyond only the uggs. The company creates the footwear of six different brands: Teva, Simple Shoes, Sanuk, Tsubo, Ahnu, and Mozo.

7. Although Uggs are so popular for being high quality and comfortable, some Hollywood celebrities brought their contribution in making this brand so popular. For example, Oprah Winfrey bought 350 pairs of Ugg boots one day and she made the members of the production team to change the footwear. Also, during her shows, she kept saying about how comfortable these boots are. The Ugg boots also appeared in the films. For example, the hero played by Tom Cruise in the 'Eyes wide shut' movie wore Uggs as house slippers. Paparazzi managed to take a picture of Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bruce Willis, and Brad Pitt wearing Uggs and this was the moment that made Ugg boots what they are today – famous footwear.

8. However, Ugg boots are also popular amongst fraudsters. It is one of the most frequently faked footwear trademark in the world. Once Ugg boots gained popularity, store shelves started filling with replicas of the famous footwear.

9. The company had to fight quite brutal for their trademark, but today, no other footwear manufacturer has any right on using the Ugg word, as the trademark UGG Australia has officially registered in more than one hundred twenty countries, including the USA, Europe, and Asia.