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Vans skate trainers originated in California in 1966 and quickly became a favourite of skateboarders and extreme sports enthusiasts around the world. Renowned for their innovative designs and trademark rubber sole, Vans shoes are more iconic than ever and many who buy Vans rarely try any other brand.

The Vans Old Skool is dominating the fashion industry right now. The unisex styles appeal to all ages and fashion styles. Vans are worn by some of the biggest celebrities. However, perhaps the biggest selling point of Vans trainers is their ability to withstand wear and tear. A pair of Vans won’t let you down and even when you’ve worn the life out of them, they’ll still feel as comfortable as the day you first put them on.

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Black Vans, checkerboard Vans UK, purple Vans… Vans is everywhere. Whether you’re looking for black Vans trainers or for Vans old skool sale UK, you surely know that Vans is one of the most famous brands.

As we are sure you love Vans, we want to tell you some interesting facts about your favorite shoe brand, as well as the shoe style guide of Vans.

Interesting facts about Vana

1. The company was originally founded on March 16, 1966, by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren. They had two partners along with them: Gordon Lee and Serge Delia.

2. Only 12 customers showed up on the first day of opening. However, a problem had arisen, so those customers were asked to return later in the day to pick up their shoes. Although they did, the brothers hadn’t any change, so they again asked their customers to return the next day to pay, and they all did.

3. Their most celebrated shoe is the Vans #95, aka Era, a shoe that was designed by skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta.

4. The Vans #36 debuted in 1997, known as the Old Skool. These shoes are considered to be the hallmark shoe of the brand.

5. The classic slip-on line is known as the Vans #98 and it became so popular that its silhouette has become the iconic logo for the brand.

6. In autumn 1993, Vans introduced their first Vans Snowboard Boot for the winter 1994 season.

7. The Vault by Vans sneaker combinations were designed by legends Marc Jacobs and Trovata.

8. The first person rider for Vans Apparel is legendary pro skater Anthony Van Engelen.

9. “No Room for Rockstars” is Vans first full-length documentary movie.

10. Vans has a vulcanized cupsole called Wafflecup.

11. Metallica has their own line of Vans shoe, with each of the rock band’s member designing their own shoe.

12. Vans is a partner with Disney and uses iconic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh.

13. The brand has a partnership with the Beatles franchise, a partnership that resulted in The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Vans collection.

14. It has a line of merchandise based on the Star Wars franchise trilogy.